Matthew Torres has been a New York City children's performer since he was a child. He began doing magic professionally at the age of 13 and since then has performed for thousands of families, companies and non-profit organizations, being responsible for over 20 years worth of laughter and smiles. 


Matthew is known for his silly antics and physical comedy as well as his goofy sense of humor. Even during his day job as a New York City public school teacher, Matthew (or Mr. T to his students) has gained a reputation for his funny and energetic stye of teaching. 


Matthew created his most recognizable character, Bonkerz the Clown, almost 15 years ago, and has been his claim to fame. The clown "from Clownsonhurst" has appeared in shows like The Apprentice, the Jon Stewart Show and the King Henry Friendly Show as well as performed at other major venues including the NYC Dads Event, NYC Carousel, and Keyspan Park. If you've met Bonkerz you can agree, he is unlike any other clown!

About Matthew Torres